Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Part 2: Thoughts about movie - "Stranger than Fiction"

Continuation from Part 1----

A post on my general thoughts on the movie for: "Stranger than Fiction."

Personally I feel that we are all writing our lives both forward and backwards, depending on our thoughts. In other words, we are playing forward our lives by our actions, emotions and feelings. It's like what you see is what you get. If you see or experience something out of the old energies and you are not willing to look at it differently the experience keeps writing the script to come to you again and again. Old patterns, memes, can feel as if they have 9 lives. Yes? Sometimes we are not even aware of the patterns that exist in our lives. It takes an open ended mind to see and the willingness to manage a different outcome.

Consequently, our life choices are somewhat like writing a check. If there is spiritual energy in the bank to be spent, the check can be easily subtracted. If not, then you just wrote a bad check (so to speak) and you just hired someone/thing to come and spend your energy. In the same very way Harold gives us the example of pushing forward and manages his processes accordingly. He works through his dilemmas grounding each experience and emotion with a positive desire and connection for a higher sigma. It's pretty refreshing how he keeps reaching and finding his own self. In addition the experience is teaching him to listen to himself.

What I really enjoyed in this movie was the part where Harold started to become alive to his own choices. Consequently his new thoughts began an awakening journey back to love's way; a place that would change the sequence of his own worlds and even those of others. The more he managed the processes, the more the answers began to appear. In all actuality, Harold changed his own future by accepting and managing his own passions and love to the things that he knew for himself. Before this, Harold lived in the containment of an environment that literally spoke for him and he was somewhat like "Pinocchio". Have you ever seen the most recent movie Pinocchio with Martin Landau and Jonathan Taylor Thomas? (I might write something on that movie at another time.)

Nevertheless, from my perspective Harold was pupated by strings, otherwise known as the noise of a world that sleeps, both in and around him, before his observations begin to reflect awareness. In other words, until Harold begins to change life perspectives the events of his story lives in repetition, again and again. Something, of an "appointed time" or so seemed to impose some new possibilities and Harold would now find Harold. Truly, I thought this movie was fun and had so many good points, perspectives and interconnections to our inner selves.

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