Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shattering the Paradigms of False Beliefs, "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief" by Gregg Braden

I picked this book to blog because I really believe in paradigms or, better said, parallel worlds. There are some who believe that we are returning to Earth. Others say there are parallel worlds that are a paradox of their actuality and indifferences, seemingly walking amidst many worlds at one the same time; past, present and future alike. This book also mentions that we are shattered because none of us are here. Perhaps, in all actuality, all of us are here at the same time and yet we are not. What a paradox hey?

Specifically, I enjoyed page two where Greg Braden encloses a capture that reads: Belief Code 2: "We live our lives based on what we believe about our world, ourselves, our capabilities, and our limits.” I would have to agree. Of course, the first realization of this fact is that we would have to consider that we have been walking as though we are alive and yet dead (asleep) to our own cause. In the same the greater illusion would be that we are not yet who we are. Then who are we? Might it be time to discover all our parts and worlds? These are some of the things that I will be discussing in my new book.

Finding Self

I remember a time when I drew a line down the center of a page. One side I placed, “what I know for myself.” The other side, “What I know because someone else believed it.” My first list, to my ultimate surprise, was a mere two things. I was shocked that I knew so little for myself. And my second list was very long, containing schools, parents, religions, etc. Observing my lists, I realized that I was not entirely convinced of the two things on the list that I claimed to know for myself. Consequently, this is when I began to reach deeper in thought and observation of what is and what is not. Like Gregg Braden’s book I had to ask myself “what if I am wrong?” Likewise, the few things that belonged to me were depicted out of what others wanted for my self; a people pleaser if you will. Ever done that?

Looking at page 15, of Gregg Braden’s book, it reads: “It becomes clear how our seemingly little choices can have effects that reach far beyond our personal lives. In a universe where each experience is built upon the outcome of previous ones, it’s obvious that all are necessary. There are no wasted choices, because every event and decision is required.”

I really liked this because I know that I do not regret anything in my life and nither do I ever wish to go back and change something. Today, I am happy with my choices and where they have brought me. Yet, I know because of my choices, willingness for observation, reaching for a higher sigma and return that my existence opened to a brand new place. As a result, it’s a never ending cycle of change and self-transcendence for a safe return of living and walking on this Earth. In fact, I would add here that every choice we make certainly has a rippling effect. We are not alone and we are the other. It has been claimed that we can make the difference for others in helping one’s self.

Are we transcending the other? Might it be possible that we are transcending ourselves in other lives, specifically the future? I would only ask you, “What will you look like in the future based on your today’s experience and knowing?” If this is true then it’s quite possible that we will desire to be more accountable in our actions and planning our every day life. What you see is what you get. And perhaps what you don’t see is what you will get again and again until you do.

I will save my comments for another time on this book. I found it to be very fascinating in the beginning. I was bored after the first half of the book. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book. I found it quite fun and, for the most part, it was a nice confirmation of what I know for myself. Selah