Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thoughts on the Movie: The Last Holiday

Recently I have been teaching more ‘mapping classes.” One of the first things I normally give my clients as an example is the movie called “Queen Latifa - The Last Holiday.” I chose this particular movie because it features an ordinary person who creates a "Book of Possibilities". Georgia Byrd, (Oscar * Nominee*), a shy New Orleans cookware-salesclerk, designs a special album that will ultimately create a fantasy journey of her wildest dreams. Planning her book of creations, managing the things that are important, Georgia's inspiring motivation spins her very own dream world.

I loved this movie because it gives the classic example/metaphors of what a little bit of self-organization, integrity, compassion, responsibility, purpose, mercy, and commitment brings to life a story that begets one’s true reality and wishes. In my perspective this story built another story using the skills of the heart.

Nevertheless, Georgia Byrd, in her lack of self-confidence and shyness, managed a way to control the processes that would exactly lead her to create new possibilities and new patterns. The more she managed the outcome, the more her own life-story exactly seems to be rewriting itself. In other words, even though there were small hiccups along the way she was able to adjust and recreate exactly the dream that was in her “Book of Possibilities.”

What I noticed to be so remarkable in this story was Georgia did not have to know the results and neither did she need a manual to fix one single thing. Her own continual improvement, (which I call elbow grease), managing her own effectiveness, and processes, causes “the story” to rewrite what would have otherwise been the old patterning of shyness and not having what she wants. In the same way, every single time Georgia dares to touch old dependencies the results were nowhere to be seen; no one heard her. Once the process once begins, it’s like a loose canon, and it recodes everything anew. As a result, new possibilities, despite the hiccups, or the things that seemed to be in the way, she began living what was once to be just a dream.

I absolutely enjoyed the parts where Georgia discovers the fantasy world that she steps into has a way of living and what she has had no longer fits; not even her clothes. Immediately she adapts to the look, feel, and masters what she desires to integrate. In doing so what Georgia learned was to be clear in what she desires and go get it. I loved that! Likewise, what I saw out of this movie was a clear way of trusting one’s self to the story, drawing the lines, measuring and managing the processes, in order to correctly predict the outcome. What a way to live!! Who da thunk it? Te heee dare to live!

The moral of the story is: Dare to create your own story. Just remember, don’t quit, and keep moving while you are learning to produce new ways of looking and developing your own “alive-dream.”

Go ahead watch the movie and tell me what you see! Be careful though because if you begin to draw your own map it just might begin to redraw your whole life. Are you ready to commit to attracting a new life? You better be because once you do it, that “life” is going to rewrite all that you are. It won’t really matter if you agree or not because you will be going there. It is your choice, however, to flow into the connections or fight them. Nonetheless, you will get there even if it’s by the hair of your chinny chin chin. Get ready for the nursery rhymes’ to spin a new tale.

Similarly go ahead look around in our lovely America. The story is being rewritten and will you fight it or find ways to innovate and motivate a new YOU.

From the desk of Astari Waters