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Part 1: Thoughts on Movie - "Stranger than Fiction"

I thought just for fun that I would place some of my intuitive seeing on the movie, "Stranger than Fiction," which is the story of a man named Harold Crick. It is a written story that is being played out in his living-life. The story lives in a voice that seems to be dependent on the actions he takes. The author who is writing the story seems to be pulling Harold’s cards, so to speak and depicting his every move.

I liked some of the quotes in the movie. For example: "Harold, himself is perpetuating the story. Some move forward by external events and crisis."...Amazingly true is it not? Some people need the external events or conditions and even crisis. But can we begin to look deeper into the bigger picture and, like Harold, change our destiny, our genes, and our programs etc?


Another quote: "If I go through the door, the plot continues, the story is me going through the door. If I stay the story ends." Wow, I loved this. Could it be that in Harold’s awakening there is a discovery of self? Perhaps his interaction is discovering that he is ultimately responsible for the outcome of his choices. I mean, think about it, watching the first part of the movie Harold is “the conventional Harold” with a self-rigid pattern of sameness. In the same way, he would have taken the medical prescription and the first advice of the counselor. He would have not considered thinking for himself because he was not accustomed to utilizing his own emotional intelligence; those parts of his self that desires creativity and the thinking processes of observation. You might consider doing a little googling on the words “Emotional Intelligence” in order to understand greater what I am saying. We can talk about that later, should you like.

Nevertheless, in Harold’s new experience and recognition of “self”, he is no longer attached to the conventional ways of thinking. Then, you might consider if he is questioning his very own existence? Yes! Consequently, he gets some “other than” advice from the counselor as he dialogues his own existence back to her. Is it possible that he is writing the story while at the same time allowing his story to feed back to him the correct answers? Might we call this “Harold stepping out of the box”, so to speak?

Measuring Expressions

Following the counselors advice Harold seeks out a person of literature; one who knows the understanding of expression and the idea of connecting those thoughts. After careful analogy and observation of Harold’s story, the sequence and management of what is taking place, the professor announces to Harold that he needs to journal and write down what he hears. Hence, with this Harold can begin to measure his own expressions in order to better understand what is being said from the voice he is hearing. Together they begin a journey of connecting the dots of Harold’s new found dilemma. Again, Harold is drawing the connections and answers as he becomes more responsible to look at his life in a different way. Likewise, he seemingly is living and creating the outcome. I wonder if we don’t do that with our choices. If so it would certainly take deleting the word “victim” from our language, would it not? After all, if we are no longer victims what good would that word do? Of course, we would then have to create some new words because the flavor of the old understandings would be gone.

Parallel Worlds

Until Harold began experiencing his own book, (the book of Harold), both written and lived, his life was basically operated in a controlled atmosphere. Essentially his patterns were the same every day and that is how he was known not only to himself but to everyone. It appears that Harold was merely walking as though he was alive and yet he was dead (asleep.) In other words, new possibilities were not a part of his thinking until a shift of time, which included a wrist-watch, began. As a consequence his life story began to live in such a fashion that would alter his previous beliefs. The story of his life, the parallel worlds, was beginning to bleed through his own existence. The narrator is one of them.

I wonder how many people feel that they are living a story that is not necessarily their own or as if they are the movie? You know that movie with Jim Carry, “The Truman Show” – On the air – Unaware… Only Jim Carry essentially was the movie that everyone is watching. Likewise, those who appeared in his life were actors and there because of him.

Interestingly enough, Harold never really knew in advance what doors to open when he finally realized something was different. At first he was stuck because he could no longer reflect back to his old ways of thinking to get answers. Nothing worked. In fact, it took determination, courage, observation, and managing the processes that were before him in order for each step to unfold any kind of sense. This is where the professor steps in and creates a way for observation so that Harold would know for himself what to do. In addition, Harold comes face to face with his longest desires and manages those things he wanted. As a result he begins to “feel” those things that he actually wanted all his life. He found something, a guitar, which said something about him. For instance, Harold chose a guitar and eventually finds his own musical self; the tone, the sound, the feeling of the things he used to love.

Another little sentence I liked in the movie is: "The only way to find out the stories you're in is to find out what stories you are not in."

I really liked the above quote. Interesting! I have some perspectives about this and will post it as "Part 2." Scroll down for part two... below...

Part 2: Thoughts about movie - "Stranger than Fiction"

Continuation from Part 1----

A post on my general thoughts on the movie for: "Stranger than Fiction."

Personally I feel that we are all writing our lives both forward and backwards, depending on our thoughts. In other words, we are playing forward our lives by our actions, emotions and feelings. It's like what you see is what you get. If you see or experience something out of the old energies and you are not willing to look at it differently the experience keeps writing the script to come to you again and again. Old patterns, memes, can feel as if they have 9 lives. Yes? Sometimes we are not even aware of the patterns that exist in our lives. It takes an open ended mind to see and the willingness to manage a different outcome.

Consequently, our life choices are somewhat like writing a check. If there is spiritual energy in the bank to be spent, the check can be easily subtracted. If not, then you just wrote a bad check (so to speak) and you just hired someone/thing to come and spend your energy. In the same very way Harold gives us the example of pushing forward and manages his processes accordingly. He works through his dilemmas grounding each experience and emotion with a positive desire and connection for a higher sigma. It's pretty refreshing how he keeps reaching and finding his own self. In addition the experience is teaching him to listen to himself.

What I really enjoyed in this movie was the part where Harold started to become alive to his own choices. Consequently his new thoughts began an awakening journey back to love's way; a place that would change the sequence of his own worlds and even those of others. The more he managed the processes, the more the answers began to appear. In all actuality, Harold changed his own future by accepting and managing his own passions and love to the things that he knew for himself. Before this, Harold lived in the containment of an environment that literally spoke for him and he was somewhat like "Pinocchio". Have you ever seen the most recent movie Pinocchio with Martin Landau and Jonathan Taylor Thomas? (I might write something on that movie at another time.)

Nevertheless, from my perspective Harold was pupated by strings, otherwise known as the noise of a world that sleeps, both in and around him, before his observations begin to reflect awareness. In other words, until Harold begins to change life perspectives the events of his story lives in repetition, again and again. Something, of an "appointed time" or so seemed to impose some new possibilities and Harold would now find Harold. Truly, I thought this movie was fun and had so many good points, perspectives and interconnections to our inner selves.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shattering the Paradigms of False Beliefs, "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief" by Gregg Braden

I picked this book to blog because I really believe in paradigms or, better said, parallel worlds. There are some who believe that we are returning to Earth. Others say there are parallel worlds that are a paradox of their actuality and indifferences, seemingly walking amidst many worlds at one the same time; past, present and future alike. This book also mentions that we are shattered because none of us are here. Perhaps, in all actuality, all of us are here at the same time and yet we are not. What a paradox hey?

Specifically, I enjoyed page two where Greg Braden encloses a capture that reads: Belief Code 2: "We live our lives based on what we believe about our world, ourselves, our capabilities, and our limits.” I would have to agree. Of course, the first realization of this fact is that we would have to consider that we have been walking as though we are alive and yet dead (asleep) to our own cause. In the same the greater illusion would be that we are not yet who we are. Then who are we? Might it be time to discover all our parts and worlds? These are some of the things that I will be discussing in my new book.

Finding Self

I remember a time when I drew a line down the center of a page. One side I placed, “what I know for myself.” The other side, “What I know because someone else believed it.” My first list, to my ultimate surprise, was a mere two things. I was shocked that I knew so little for myself. And my second list was very long, containing schools, parents, religions, etc. Observing my lists, I realized that I was not entirely convinced of the two things on the list that I claimed to know for myself. Consequently, this is when I began to reach deeper in thought and observation of what is and what is not. Like Gregg Braden’s book I had to ask myself “what if I am wrong?” Likewise, the few things that belonged to me were depicted out of what others wanted for my self; a people pleaser if you will. Ever done that?

Looking at page 15, of Gregg Braden’s book, it reads: “It becomes clear how our seemingly little choices can have effects that reach far beyond our personal lives. In a universe where each experience is built upon the outcome of previous ones, it’s obvious that all are necessary. There are no wasted choices, because every event and decision is required.”

I really liked this because I know that I do not regret anything in my life and nither do I ever wish to go back and change something. Today, I am happy with my choices and where they have brought me. Yet, I know because of my choices, willingness for observation, reaching for a higher sigma and return that my existence opened to a brand new place. As a result, it’s a never ending cycle of change and self-transcendence for a safe return of living and walking on this Earth. In fact, I would add here that every choice we make certainly has a rippling effect. We are not alone and we are the other. It has been claimed that we can make the difference for others in helping one’s self.

Are we transcending the other? Might it be possible that we are transcending ourselves in other lives, specifically the future? I would only ask you, “What will you look like in the future based on your today’s experience and knowing?” If this is true then it’s quite possible that we will desire to be more accountable in our actions and planning our every day life. What you see is what you get. And perhaps what you don’t see is what you will get again and again until you do.

I will save my comments for another time on this book. I found it to be very fascinating in the beginning. I was bored after the first half of the book. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book. I found it quite fun and, for the most part, it was a nice confirmation of what I know for myself. Selah

Monday, April 6, 2009

A little excerpt / perspective on the book: “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn…

This is one of my favorite books. Five years ago, this book fell into my hands and it was the perfect solution. I highly recommend this book. My clients have asked me to begin writing some reviews on the books I recommend. So here ya go! LOL

One of the things I feel this book speaks to me, anyhow, is “GIVE MYSELF A PROMOTION.”

I feel that Lynn Grabhorn gives an excellent review on “feelings” in chapter two called the “Magic Genie.” Page 34 it reads:

“You and your non-physical Self are in sync, plugged in together in that marvelous high frequency and all it has to offer. So when we feel good, we’re vibrating faster, the way we were designed to.”

In another excerpt she writes:

“We get what we get by the way we feel, not by trying to slug things into place or control our minds. Every car accident, job promotion, great or lousy lover, full or empty bank account comes to us by the most elemental law of physics: like attracts like. And since most of us haven’t felt too hot about what we have had for most of our lives, we’ve become highly gifted masters at attracting an over abundance of circumstances we’d rather not have.”

For me, I must add that there seems to be a collective need of people having to feel good. I perceive that we must also include “managing” and mapping what it is we want and desire in order that we can measure the outcome and decide if it matches what it is we desire. It’s a choice, of course. Consequently, what we see is what we will be and get. Just go ahead and focus on any problem and find the problem eating you for breakfast, then lunch, and dinner. After all, we do know that the body is like a computer and it stores cycles and memories. Hence, the next thing you know is that we will be living the past in the future as like a fractal that cannot stop. Naturally speaking we can and will see what we put out there does come around. These are then the treasuries of becoming and being HUMAN. Like Lynn says, “We create by feeling, not by thought.”

So the question is how do you want to be seen and what result do you want to come back to you? Essentially we can look at ourselves as a business because a business transaction is a body with many minds. Our expressions and feelings can and do guide the transactions that we are delivering or receiving back.

For example on page 15 of this book Lynn writes:
“Whatever we’re feeling is what we’re vibrating, and whatever we’re vibrating is what we’re attracting. Universal Law. That’s just the way it is!”

Here’s another excerpt from page 18:
"Our emotional focus on the lack of what we had was continuing to magnetize more of the same back into our experience, usually bigger and meaner and nastier than the month before. The “process” is like tossing a boomerang, one of those things you pitch away from you that circles back for you to catch (or clobber you if you’re not looking.) What we send out--vibrationally—is what we get back. So until we change our vibrations, we’re going to pull back to us whatever we’ve sent out. Another way to put it, if we don’t stop feeling—and sending out—downer vibrations, then downer circumstances are all we’re going to pull back. We get what we emotionally focus on! Focus on what we want with passion and excitement and presto!"

Now then I like this approach and urge you to read page 21 where she says:

"The more we think about something with even feeble emotion, the bigger and more powerful that something becomes in our life, regardless of whether it’s the lack of what we want, or the thing itself."

I really enjoyed this part of the book because I know that if we manage, journal, and keep track of our thoughts the easier it will be to put on our futuristic hats. That is to say, we can actually steer a way to work through our experiences in a fashionable way. It’s like we have energy magnets or something. Likewise, if we dare to utilize the skills of the heart it’s very easy to see that we are really worth the reality check. I would have to say that this is part of managing the worlds {yes world(s)} of you! Moreover, what we then desire is an INWARD perspective. In other words, we will not EMERGE, from who we are, but discover who we are by IMMERGING, or drilling INTO who we really are...and then manage that effectively. It’s part of power plugging your life forward while managing the processes thereof.

I will end with this last thought or excerpt of her book on page 86 where the highlight of the page says, “Breaking the Want Barrier”:
Crashing a lifetime of programmed deprivation can be a bit scary, primarily because it means changing. But crash it we must if we are to become creators by intent instead of creators by accident. And honestly, learning how to want productively (and finding out that its okay) is not that big of a deal once we learn how to want, instead of don’t want.
If you are interested in buying her book try this:

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thoughts on the Movie: The Last Holiday

Recently I have been teaching more ‘mapping classes.” One of the first things I normally give my clients as an example is the movie called “Queen Latifa - The Last Holiday.” I chose this particular movie because it features an ordinary person who creates a "Book of Possibilities". Georgia Byrd, (Oscar * Nominee*), a shy New Orleans cookware-salesclerk, designs a special album that will ultimately create a fantasy journey of her wildest dreams. Planning her book of creations, managing the things that are important, Georgia's inspiring motivation spins her very own dream world.

I loved this movie because it gives the classic example/metaphors of what a little bit of self-organization, integrity, compassion, responsibility, purpose, mercy, and commitment brings to life a story that begets one’s true reality and wishes. In my perspective this story built another story using the skills of the heart.

Nevertheless, Georgia Byrd, in her lack of self-confidence and shyness, managed a way to control the processes that would exactly lead her to create new possibilities and new patterns. The more she managed the outcome, the more her own life-story exactly seems to be rewriting itself. In other words, even though there were small hiccups along the way she was able to adjust and recreate exactly the dream that was in her “Book of Possibilities.”

What I noticed to be so remarkable in this story was Georgia did not have to know the results and neither did she need a manual to fix one single thing. Her own continual improvement, (which I call elbow grease), managing her own effectiveness, and processes, causes “the story” to rewrite what would have otherwise been the old patterning of shyness and not having what she wants. In the same way, every single time Georgia dares to touch old dependencies the results were nowhere to be seen; no one heard her. Once the process once begins, it’s like a loose canon, and it recodes everything anew. As a result, new possibilities, despite the hiccups, or the things that seemed to be in the way, she began living what was once to be just a dream.

I absolutely enjoyed the parts where Georgia discovers the fantasy world that she steps into has a way of living and what she has had no longer fits; not even her clothes. Immediately she adapts to the look, feel, and masters what she desires to integrate. In doing so what Georgia learned was to be clear in what she desires and go get it. I loved that! Likewise, what I saw out of this movie was a clear way of trusting one’s self to the story, drawing the lines, measuring and managing the processes, in order to correctly predict the outcome. What a way to live!! Who da thunk it? Te heee dare to live!

The moral of the story is: Dare to create your own story. Just remember, don’t quit, and keep moving while you are learning to produce new ways of looking and developing your own “alive-dream.”

Go ahead watch the movie and tell me what you see! Be careful though because if you begin to draw your own map it just might begin to redraw your whole life. Are you ready to commit to attracting a new life? You better be because once you do it, that “life” is going to rewrite all that you are. It won’t really matter if you agree or not because you will be going there. It is your choice, however, to flow into the connections or fight them. Nonetheless, you will get there even if it’s by the hair of your chinny chin chin. Get ready for the nursery rhymes’ to spin a new tale.

Similarly go ahead look around in our lovely America. The story is being rewritten and will you fight it or find ways to innovate and motivate a new YOU.

From the desk of Astari Waters