Thursday, July 7, 2011

Journies To Life Experiences/Changes

Redirecting Life Changes Takes Courage 

Once upon a time, I began to reevaluate life as any other person who feels like something is different. I realized when and if one feels stuck on their paths it takes a critical eye to undress what you then believed and take the path that supports where the grand spin of life has taken you. It often takes a radical change if indeed one desires to reach further. In addition, like any other person, the first step takes courage in order to reveal all those parts that no longer support one's ideals. Pulling the curtains, the props that one has made to support their long road to life can be challenging. It takes rebuilding the stage of life, step by step, in order to realize the potential of your dreams. I would say the picture below is what we then look like.

Good place to be, yes? I had brought my own worlds, ideas, and thoughts to start a new life and basically the above is the stage of how one might feel, in the nothing form or word. Instead of climbing the ladder upward we are now digging downward in order to manage a new thought process towards a greater goal. Nevertheless, looking around us, in the midst of an economical crisis of our country, most of us realize there is a bigger picture and we must go there and allow "change" to take on new thoughts and ideas.

The one thing that has kept most of us from falling is the “challenge,” of the constant refocusing, rearranging, and sometimes reframing the steps towards building our own dream stage. The main course, so to speak, directly relates to a goal and then to rebuild those things around you to mirror and reflect that which is now before all of us.  .

A Dream on Hold
Some where’s in the scope of things, family, friends, things we once knew it's really easy to place one's dream on hold. For myself, despite what was going on with inflation, business, family, etc the thought and words building a new business in “Ecuador” sounded good for me. Like anyone else, in this peculiar life I began building on and with my thoughts in every kind of way. Funny thing, even when I was not working at it, my dream was developing from that first thought and intention. Strangers would come into my life and start talking of moving to Ecuador or reestablishing a new ideal here in America. Always there was someone or something that never quite let me forget my dream because it had now become a part of me. In the winter months, I like to go south in order to expand my business etc. This time I would do it with new goals.

In my passing through people conversations Ecuador surrounded me albeit in person or my FB friends. For example, I sell and use YLO essential oils. I knew that Gary Young bought another farm, there in Ecuador, for YLO, and actually moved there. All of a sudden, again, beautiful Ecuador is lit up on the YLO blog, as he begins educating us about the new oils made there in Ecuador and pictures etc. In addition some of my FB friends had talked about moving there Several years ago I began mapping, as you will see below, and the more I looked at my mapping the more it began changing my life. My one thought, as is per many of you reading this, I wanted someof my first choices to be included but it takes redefining them to your values and what you now know. For me, it was to makeready for my first choice to be reconsidered with my business reaching world-wide and online. I somewhat get it now, why over the last few years, my attempts to move in the southern states kept closing. My intentions from the beginning were quite clear and they are now beginning to live.

Hence, starting over, reclaiming my own energy, building my business all of a sudden it is appearing. My original dream, began to build its stage and becoming more visible. It’s constantly before me no matter where I go because my form is growing and beginning to redefine itself. I contribute this to mapping, and self-growth. 

The above map clearly began with a thought and intention back in 2003. My passion and what I really liked in the past adventures of Africa, London, Europe always reflected a desire to reach further. It’s exciting to me as I ponder my above map and I hope my story and map rekindles in you a desire to rearrange your life by your own value system that leads a direction that is always possible. Looking on the map where it says, “Over $200 Million and then Services” the pictures speak volumes of what I know is inside of not only me but all of you can rearrange your life pictures as well. Mapping works!

In addition, an opportunity of technology was taking me one step forward and just allowing that which is myself to be opened. With this in mind, one morning I was sitting here, drinking my coffee, I began to reexamine my dreams. Consequently, I realized I had set myself up forgetting the potential of what I was now creating. I began to feel excited with all the new ideas floating around in my head. Suddenly, drinking my coffee, I saw that my work was redefining what it was I wanted and it was right before my eyes. I couldn’t deny the feelings anymore and knew that now is the time to take the leap. Excitement hit me like nothing else could. My goodness my children are finally where they need to be and now it's about my inner dreams but what will they be in my now? Ecuador will play a huge part, because of the Essential Oils of Gary Young, from Young Living Oil; just one of my essential oil companies. I have decided to add some of my Ecuador steps that I plan to make.

The Next Steps
In traveling abroad, and through out the U.S. there are a few things that I don't leave home without. Recently being on the road for the winter months I would have not made it without my essential oils. I wanted to share with you some of the new oils. I am making ready, and fast, my trip to Ecuador and other good things. A good many of you are asking where I am. Hey, amidst many other plans that are now redirecting "The Story of Me."

Part Two of my story is rebuilding in many different ways and teaching essential oils. One of my companies is Young Living Oil. Here is the website if you would like to explore some of the fun things I do:

Part 2

Introducing Young Living’s Amazon Rainforest Oils, of Ecuador


My next news, I just have to first introduce to you Young Living Essential oils because they play a part in "my Ecuador story" and their products/information that will be helpful for me living there. Hence, excited, right off of my chair, I was looking at the pictures of Gary's newest farm. And to top it off he then makes this announcement:

I’m looking forward to being with distributors at the Master Leader Retreat in Ecuador. You won’t want to miss my latest farm attraction: hot tubs filled with floral water from the distillery. Imagine soaking in hot, bubbly ylang ylang water. ~ Gary Y.”

Oh my goodness! I here is one of the Gary's lastest farms, In Guayaquil Ecuador:

It's exciting how each event of my day is now touching the other. Below, after much research, I decided to add here to my blog their newest farm below and you can also find this on his website:

Gary Young chose Guayaquil, Ecuador, as the location for Young Living’s newest farm; Finca Botanica Aromatica. With nearly 2,000 acres, the farm’s fertile ground and year-round growing season supports an abundance of Palo Santo trees and several new high-oil-content plants. This farm is also proving to be the perfect place to harvest oils that are in short supply throughout the world, such as helichrysum. Implementing the same high-quality standards for distilling essential oils that he developed in North America, Gary is examining the intriguing properties of local aromatic plants and how to sustain the long-term production of essential oils in Guayaquil.

Young Living Farm in Ecuador
Gary’s newest farm and distillery is in Guayaquil, Ecuador where he had been residing around 2005 or there about. I had forgotten this until the two blogs on Ocotea and Durado Adul came up on his FB blog. I mean, gee where I have been that I could forget? OMG!

Exciting to me, especially for my travels is one of Gary’s new oils "Ocotea", is wildly crafted and distilled at Finca Botanica Aromatica, Young Living's farm and distillery in Ecuador. Ocotea is harvested from a large tree found in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador, from sea level up to 1,500 meters in altitude. The trees are divided into male and female trees, with only the female trees producing foliage suitable for distillation into essential oils. Historical usage of Ocotea dates back more than 500 years, when it was used to aromatize sweet and cakes. Interesting, yes?

Oh that’s not all! Recently, he announced the official opening of Ecuador in October 11th, 2011 during the time that I will be relocating there! OMG it just keeps coming. When thinking about moving to Ecuador I wondered, “Oh no, what will I do without my essential oils?” I have been with YLO since 1994 and they work! The answer was already waiting for me!

Parasites in Ecuador
Over the last few months I have had the luxury of on-line information about Ecuador from actual people having the experience; it’s been great. I joined several FB groups and the information as been very factual. One of them was about American’s needing to get prescription meds for of “Parasite" while in Ecuador... Oh sigh, I thought. I remember in Africa my ex picked up some kind of parasite and he got really sick. I had to find an alternative doctor in order to get rid his parasites. Nothing was helping him, but more of the same. Oh wow, I don’t want that to happen to me! So what do I do? Open the door to another thought; where do I look?

My journey for this answer ended quickly, when I watched the below video clip. Gary Young takes you on a tour of Finca Botanica, Young Living's Farm in Ecuador where Young Living is growing its world-leading therapeutic-grade essential oils. See it below. Te hee! Yes!

The Journey of Ocotea Living Oil, with Gary Young
In a few short minutes I found several other articles but the link above really touched my heart and also gave a simple, but sure, answer.

Recently Gary posted a blog about his Young Living Oils in Ecuador. The information was about his new Ocotea and Durado Adul essential oils. His video clip I am placing below. It's so kewl when you get to watch him administrating the Ocotea essential oil to some children. Check this out and just watch him with the children. So precious!

Gary Young started a research project on 88 children in the village school in Ecuador. They all had parasites and 36 of them also had Candida. Gary mixed the oil “ocotea” w/8 oz of water. Each child was given 1oz portions of the mixture during the day of the Ocotea.

Unlike pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory, beta caryophyllene actually protects the stomach. It is also great for eliminating Candida, staph and e-coli. Watching Gary, with these children and how he reached out to them with the oils, was enough for me to feel comfortable for ingesting the Ocotea for preventative purposes.

What I like about Ocotea is its taste and that it is safe to take internally as well as apply topically. Internal usage suggestions typically range from 1 - 3 drops orally 3 or 4 times a day. What a simple way to use this exciting new oil! Ocotea is actually a “relative” of cinnamon, with a low concentration of cinnamaldehyde (less than 5%), which makes it less likely to cause the skin sensitivity that cinnamon and cassia sometimes cause. Traditional cinnamon can contain up to 50% cinnamaldehyde.

Diffusing Ocotea

Included in my trip to Ecuador, other countres, I will also take my ‘Thieves Oil Spray bottle’ and diffuse my bed at night. I know that when I went to Africa, I used the essential oils more than my husband and I did not come home with parasites. I learned the value of Thieves oil in Africa and I won’t be too proud to take that value to Ecuador. In addition, I will be adding Eucalyptus Essential Oil, which keeps the air quality in my home free from bacteria. Eucalyptus also kills airborne germs, bacteria, pet odors, mildew and mold. Diffuse Eucalyptus or make a simple all-purpose Disinfecting Spray! I also used this oil to keep fleas out of my house etc.

#3265 - Thieves Spray -

1 oz Thieves® Spray is ideal for use on door handles, toilet seats, and any surface that needs cleansing to protect from dust, mold, and undesirable microorganisms. This small bottle is perfect for traveling or keeping in your purse or backpack.


Myself, knowing the oils like I do, I will also take with me, to Ecuador, or any other 3rd world countries, Gary’s diffusers. Here is one of them:

#4495 - TheraPro Premium Diffuser

Enjoy the ultimate therapeutic experience and the most advanced diffuser technology with Young Living's TheraPro™ Premium Diffuser. This atomizing diffuser features durable, high-quality components that will stand up to repeated use in any environment and is the ideal way to experience the healing benefits of Young Living essential oils (YLO.) See at the bottom for my website if you would like to buy some of these oils. You can also email me, Here is the video for this diffuser:

Actually, if you look here, you will see the rest of the diffusers.

For the sake information about pesticides and parasites I am going to add the oils on my Young Living Website page, so that everyone can see the products that I will be using in Ecuador. (See the above YL link.) I thought this would be good information. Naturally saying of course this is not a cure of any kind but if the kids got rid of parasites it would only deem me that I would be able to try it for myself with great results. I will keep you informed of other things on the way that I learn in the area of helps and education.

Until another day, my story to you, a living story, for “The Astari Ecuador Journey.”

Astari Waters

Disclaimer: As always, my advice to readers is to seek the advice of your physician before making any significant changes in medications, diet, or level of physical activity…