Monday, April 6, 2009

A little excerpt / perspective on the book: “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn…

This is one of my favorite books. Five years ago, this book fell into my hands and it was the perfect solution. I highly recommend this book. My clients have asked me to begin writing some reviews on the books I recommend. So here ya go! LOL

One of the things I feel this book speaks to me, anyhow, is “GIVE MYSELF A PROMOTION.”

I feel that Lynn Grabhorn gives an excellent review on “feelings” in chapter two called the “Magic Genie.” Page 34 it reads:

“You and your non-physical Self are in sync, plugged in together in that marvelous high frequency and all it has to offer. So when we feel good, we’re vibrating faster, the way we were designed to.”

In another excerpt she writes:

“We get what we get by the way we feel, not by trying to slug things into place or control our minds. Every car accident, job promotion, great or lousy lover, full or empty bank account comes to us by the most elemental law of physics: like attracts like. And since most of us haven’t felt too hot about what we have had for most of our lives, we’ve become highly gifted masters at attracting an over abundance of circumstances we’d rather not have.”

For me, I must add that there seems to be a collective need of people having to feel good. I perceive that we must also include “managing” and mapping what it is we want and desire in order that we can measure the outcome and decide if it matches what it is we desire. It’s a choice, of course. Consequently, what we see is what we will be and get. Just go ahead and focus on any problem and find the problem eating you for breakfast, then lunch, and dinner. After all, we do know that the body is like a computer and it stores cycles and memories. Hence, the next thing you know is that we will be living the past in the future as like a fractal that cannot stop. Naturally speaking we can and will see what we put out there does come around. These are then the treasuries of becoming and being HUMAN. Like Lynn says, “We create by feeling, not by thought.”

So the question is how do you want to be seen and what result do you want to come back to you? Essentially we can look at ourselves as a business because a business transaction is a body with many minds. Our expressions and feelings can and do guide the transactions that we are delivering or receiving back.

For example on page 15 of this book Lynn writes:
“Whatever we’re feeling is what we’re vibrating, and whatever we’re vibrating is what we’re attracting. Universal Law. That’s just the way it is!”

Here’s another excerpt from page 18:
"Our emotional focus on the lack of what we had was continuing to magnetize more of the same back into our experience, usually bigger and meaner and nastier than the month before. The “process” is like tossing a boomerang, one of those things you pitch away from you that circles back for you to catch (or clobber you if you’re not looking.) What we send out--vibrationally—is what we get back. So until we change our vibrations, we’re going to pull back to us whatever we’ve sent out. Another way to put it, if we don’t stop feeling—and sending out—downer vibrations, then downer circumstances are all we’re going to pull back. We get what we emotionally focus on! Focus on what we want with passion and excitement and presto!"

Now then I like this approach and urge you to read page 21 where she says:

"The more we think about something with even feeble emotion, the bigger and more powerful that something becomes in our life, regardless of whether it’s the lack of what we want, or the thing itself."

I really enjoyed this part of the book because I know that if we manage, journal, and keep track of our thoughts the easier it will be to put on our futuristic hats. That is to say, we can actually steer a way to work through our experiences in a fashionable way. It’s like we have energy magnets or something. Likewise, if we dare to utilize the skills of the heart it’s very easy to see that we are really worth the reality check. I would have to say that this is part of managing the worlds {yes world(s)} of you! Moreover, what we then desire is an INWARD perspective. In other words, we will not EMERGE, from who we are, but discover who we are by IMMERGING, or drilling INTO who we really are...and then manage that effectively. It’s part of power plugging your life forward while managing the processes thereof.

I will end with this last thought or excerpt of her book on page 86 where the highlight of the page says, “Breaking the Want Barrier”:
Crashing a lifetime of programmed deprivation can be a bit scary, primarily because it means changing. But crash it we must if we are to become creators by intent instead of creators by accident. And honestly, learning how to want productively (and finding out that its okay) is not that big of a deal once we learn how to want, instead of don’t want.
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